Prime Homes Tenerife are Maria Angélica, Antonio and an excellent and talented work team and collaborators. We are a group with a human-first approach and with a workforce created on the traditional values of service, integrity, experience, knowledge, and continuous learning that allow us to always adapt easily to the required situations but specially adjust to the changes in the market and trends.  We are dedicated, qualified and modern professionals, but essentially happy dreamers directly serving and helping our clients.  We are a family business, and we are also local and foreign property owners, so we fully understand all the processes and the importance of having a total trust support.

Advice and personalized management for the sale, purchase, rental and administration of real estate property or investments.


  • Sell

  • Buy

  • Rent

  • Administration and personalized advice on Real Estate

  • Monitoring and management of commercial transactions

  • Property management

  • Agency and Representations

  • Specific or mandatory management tasks or reports

  • Advice on renovations, improvements, and / or maintenance works

  • Professional Photography and Video

  • Professional guidance for adaptation of spaces

  • Architectural Plans

  • Professional customer, guest, or tenant services

  • Professional cleaning and laundry services exclusive to vacation rental properties

These are just some of the services we offer at PRIME HOMES TENERIFE.

Contact us for more information and to find out how we can help you with your real estate and property management needs.